7 Reasons Why You Need to Call a Professional HVAC Technician

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5 Critical Steps to Take Before the Summer Heat Arrives

Spring is in the air, which means summer will be here in the blink of an eye. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll probably want to turn your air conditioning back on in the upcoming weeks. Before you do that, we have a few steps you should take that can save you money on your cooling bills this summer and help prevent an untimely air conditioning break-down.


3 Reasons to Address AC Issues Before the Warm Weather Arrives

As mother nature chooses to throw her last few bouts of snow at southeastern PA, we can begin to fantasize about springtime and the warmer weather that comes with it. In doing so, it is also important to consider whether or not your air conditioner is working at full capacity before the warm months come along. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a range of AC services in Bucks and Montgomery County, including repair, maintenance, check-ups, and if necessary, replacement.

Everyone wants to have nice cool air in their home by the time summer heat waves start to kick in. However, you could find yourself with a broken or inefficient system if you don’t have your air conditioner checked before you need to turn it on. Thankfully, One Hour provides convenient and professional AC installation to homeowners across Montgomery County, PA, making it easy to ensure your system is ready to go once the hot weather is here to stay. Here are the three best reasons to have your AC checked before it’s needed:

Address Unknown Problems
Can you imagine waiting until the first 90° day of the year to find out that your air conditioner is shot? With the help of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, you don’t have to! Getting your system checked early in the season is a surefire way to know that you’ll be nice and cool all summer long without problems. Leaving it to the last minute, on the other hand, could leave you with no shelter from the blistering heat.

Improve AC Efficiency
Sometimes, even when your AC is pumping out the cool air you expect from it, there could still be problems that are making it work harder than it should. Overworked air conditioning systems are notorious for driving up energy bills in the summer months, taking away hard-earned money that could be much better spent on a relaxing week at the beach. Instead, let one of our professional One Hour HVAC technicians come take a look at your system. This way, you can take care of any issues before they result in high energy bills.

Prepare for Early Heat Waves
You never know when we’re going to have a surge of warm weather. If your AC isn’t ready to go ahead of time, you might be left without any relief from unexpected heat waves that come sooner than anticipated. By fixing any minor or major problems with your air conditioner sooner rather than later, you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared for whatever mother nature decides to throw our way.

If you’re seeking professional air conditioning installation in Bucks County, PA, contact One Hour today by calling 267-329-3044 to schedule an appointment!

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Company

When choosing an HVAC company, it is crucial to make sure that you receive service that is professional, reliable, and appropriately priced. With so many different companies in the HVAC industry, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between who is trustworthy and who should be passed over.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, a provider of emergency HVAC services in Bucks County, PA, knows that consumers recognize the importance of vetting their technicians before hiring them. One of the best ways to make sure that you are choosing the best possible HVAC company is to start by asking the following questions:

Are They Experienced?

The first indication that an HVAC company may not be the right fit arises from a lack of experience. If you notice that a company has only been around a few years, they may not have the experience you are seeking for the right HVAC solution.

One Hour passes this test with flying colors. We have more than 33 years of experience providing dedicated HVAC services to homeowners across Eastern Pennsylvania.

Are They Certified?

If the company has adequate experience within the industry, the next question to ask is whether they have the necessary certifications to provide effective solutions for your HVAC issues. Trusting an HVAC provider without certifications would be like taking advice from a “doctor” who never went to medical school. Sound like a good idea? We didn’t think so either.

Every One Hour technician is trained to handle any heating or cooling problem. In addition to our in-house training, all HVAC technicians at One Hour are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified to ensure the proper knowledge for rectifying HVAC issues.

What is the Cost?

Once you have verified that a company and their technicians are qualified, you should consider the cost of service. In some cases, HVAC companies will hesitate to provide an estimate because they are afraid that the high price will deter customers. This should be a red flag.

One Hour, on the other hand, offers transparent pricing on all HVAC jobs, giving our customers a clear picture of what they will pay before they are billed for our services. We are proud to offer rotating special offers throughout each season, which saves our dedicated customers on heating and cooling costs every year.

What are Customers Saying?

Before committing to an HVAC company, we recommend checking online testimonials and customer reviews. These are often the most informative resources on a company, giving you real customer experiences to base your decision from.

Don’t just take our word for it; check out our long list of One Hour customer testimonials.

Once you’ve found a company that fulfills expectations for each of these questions, you’ll be good to go. Come to think of it, we may have just completed your search for you! One Hour brings expertise and unwavering customer satisfaction to every client, every time.

If you are looking for HVAC maintenance, installation, or emergency heater repair in Bucks County, PA, you’ve come to the right place. Call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today!

4 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Attention

If you rely on a heat pump to keep your house warm and cozy during the cold winter months, then you know that they are a great way to save both money and energy. However, like any complex heating or cooling system, heat pumps can fail or start to malfunction after a certain amount of wear and tear. Thankfully, the HVAC experts at One Hour offer heat pump repair in Levittown, PA and throughout the surrounding counties.

Knowing when your heat pump requires repairs can be difficult, especially if it is still working to some extent. For this reason, we are providing you with the four best indications that your pump needs repairs:

  1. Stuck On One Setting

One of the first things you might notice about a heat pump that needs attention is the inability to change the setting of your heater. If your heat pump will only send warm air or cold air, there could be significant issues that require repairs. While you may think that the inability to pump cold air in the winter is not an issue that requires prompt attention, we do not recommend putting off necessary repairs, as these problems will still be there when it comes time for air conditioning.

  1. Reduced Output

If your heat pump is still working but putting out a considerably reduced amount of air, we recommend giving One Hour a call. In many cases, decreased output is a result of a clogged air filter, which is not a serious problem, but still one that requires professional repairs.

  1. Short Cycling

When your heat pump seems to be working, but shuts off and restarts periodically, we recommend seeking immediate attention for your system. When a heat pump short cycles, it forces your system to work harder, turning on and off more frequently than it should. This significantly reduces the lifespan of your heat pump, causing damaging wear and tear that can result in complete pump failure.

  1. Unusual Grinding or Clicking

Among the most common signs of a heat pump needing repairs is consistent atypical noises coming from your system. If you are hearing unusual grinding or clicking while your system is already running, not just starting up, then you may want to contact One Hour. In most cases, odd sounds from your heat pump are the result of a capacitor not functioning properly. No matter what the cause, our HVAC technicians can quickly identify and solve even the most difficult heat pump issues.

If your heat pump is showing any of these indications, we advise that you call One Hour for your HVAC remedy. Additionally, if your system has shut down altogether, we can provide emergency heater repair in Bucks County and across Eastern Pennsylvania. With more than 33 years of experience and an on-time appointment guarantee, One Hour is the best option for fast and professional heat pump repairs in the Keystone state. Call 267-329-3044 or request an appointment online to schedule your HVAC maintenance or installation today!

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